2016-17 Required Forms & Processes


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2016-17 Programs & Services

In 2015-16, the Plumas County Adult Education Program, now known as OnRamp to Employment, awarded over $633,000 to support fifteen projects, developed and managed by six CBOs, three Feather River College departments and the Plumas Unified School District/County Office of Education.  Since January 2016, these projects have significantly increased services available to Plumas adult learners, and began closing gaps in six of the seven State mandated Adult Education Program Areas.  (The exception is preapprenticeship training, because Plumas County has no State-recognized apprenticeship programs.) 

While leveraging community capacity is an excellent model for this region, the 2015-16 program lacked the mechanisms with which to fully integrate the CBO projects into the coherent program required by the State.  With the goal of developing a Plumas Adult Education “School System,” OnRamp created and recently implemented a major restructuring plan.  There are three basic components, all of which involve instituting program-wide procedures, processes, instruments and outcomes that align with State requirements. 

For the 2016-17 program, OnRamp awarded nearly $470,000 for the provision of support and instructional services to Plumas County adult learners, plus approximately $261,000 to community agencies to implement the Consortium’s restructuring plan.


Grant Awardees

Alliance for Workforce Development $143,119
Plumas County work readiness and preparation program

This project addresses several gaps in Plumas County adult education services: GED attainment, soft skills, short term online training, increased awareness to the business community regarding internships and work-based learning opportunities, which result in employment for adult education program clients.

Alternative Sentencing Program $94,000
Bridges to Mise-En-Place

This project provides incarcerated adult learners with access to basic, career and technical skills and (upon release) jobs and higher wages.  Students in Plumas County Jail attend classes conducted by three culinary professionals and engage in online distance education classes to complete the first steps of their culinary career.

Feather River College, Early Childhood Education $46,000
Go Teach

The Plumas County system of child care is in crisis, due to the lack of qualified and credential workers in this area.  This project addresses this crisis by helping to remove barriers that prevent adult learners to access post-secondary education, obtain certificates and degrees, enter or re-enter the workforce entry, and receive training to improve the success of elementary school children.


Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center $58,000
Foster Youth Success Project

This project provides consistent and comprehensive services to Plumas County foster youth and former foster youth (18 yr+): case management; basic and elementary skills; education and college and career support and counseling; one-on-one counseling; leadership development; and certification and internship/employment opportunities for youth (18 yr +) transitioning from the foster care system.


Plumas Unified School District and County Office of Education $127,000
Adult Education: Reaching goals and dreams for all learners

This is a comprehensive plan to meet the needs of adult learners with pre-apprenticeship evening courses at each high school; ESL programs; online licensing for Accuplacer and GED test prep; and an adult education liaison at Plumas County Community School.  Additional programs will serve disadvantage students through classified and certificated professional development and provide training for adults working with elementary and secondary children.

Contractors for the Program Restructuring Plan


Alliance for Workforce Development $128,804.11
Adult Education Database and Reporting

Per the California Community College Chancellor’s Office guidelines, this project will align the Adult Education Program’s data collection and reporting with the State’s WIOA database, and develop common forms and procedures across the system of service providers.


Mountain Circle Family Services, Inc. $93,000
Adult Education Curricula Alignment

Per the Chancellor’s Office guidelines, this project will align the Adult Education Program’s instructional services and programs with the State’s K-12 and CCD Adult Education instructional program requirements and create a curricula library that addresses the seven (7) approved adult education program areas.


Mountain Circle Family Services, Inc. $39,586
Data Management & Relias Curricula

This project will customize a database to collect, analyze and report on data about that adult education programs and services (including curriculum) that are important to (and will be accessible to) a wide range of Adult Education stakeholders (e.g., students, service providers, employers, economic and workforce development agencies, community members).