You can find out about the members of the FRC administration and about administration initiatives, policies, perspectives, and accomplishments by following the links below.

Dr. Kevin Trutna

Superintendent/President, Administration

  • (530) 283-0202 x232

Cindy Hall

Executive Secretary/Administrative Assist to the President, Administration

  • (530) 283-0202 x233

Dr. Derek Lerch

Dean of Instruction/CIO, Administration

  • (530) 283-0202 x321

Carlie McCarthy

Chief Student Services Officer, Administration

  • (530) 283-0202 x273

Jim Scoubes

Director of Business Services/CFO, Administration

  • (530) 283-0202 x270

David Burris

Director of Human Resources/EEO Officer, Administration

  • (530) 283-0202 x280

Nick Boyd

Director of Facilities/Chief Technology Officer, Administration

  • (530) 283-0202 x259,210

Merle Trueblood

Director of Athletics Operations and Events/HES Instructor, Administration

  • (530) 283-0202 x295

Dr. Kim F. Beaton

Assistant Dean of Instruction, Administration

  • (530) 283-0202 x361

FRC Mission Statement

Feather River College provides high-quality, comprehensive student education and opportunities for learning and workforce preparation and achievement in a small college environment. The College provides general education, associate and bachelor's degrees, certificates, transfer programs, and life-long learning for a diverse student population by serving local, regional, national and international students through traditional face-to-face instruction as well as distance education. The College also serves as a cultural, and economic leader for all communities that lie within the District and embraces the opportunities afforded by its natural setting.

FRC Vision Statement

Feather River College cultivates engaged citizens striving for a resilient, solution-based society.  As a campus community, we aim to foster the values of education, service, and stewardship in our students, staff, and community.  We will continue to develop our educational and co-curricular offerings to support our students’ pursuit of sustainable, fulfilling, and dynamic lives.

FRC Institutional Code of Ethics (PDF)



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