New Students to Feather River College

New students planning to:

  • Take 6 units or more, and/or
  • Pursue a degree or certificate, and/or
  • Take an English or Math course

Must complete all steps outlined below.

New students planning to:

  • Take less than 6 units

Must complete steps #1 and #5.

If you are taking an English or math course, or a course with a prerequisite you must complete all steps outlined below.

  1. Complete the Application for Admissions Online:

    Once you have completed the application, you will be assigned a 9 digit “Student Identification Number” that you will need to log on to your Student Portal (My FRC). Instructions to Apply.
  2. Participate in New Student Orientation:

    All students are encouraged to take part in an orientation.  We offer two basic types of new student orientation: on-campus and online. Both types are designed to familiarize you with the FRC campus, faculty and staff, support services, college programs and policies, and student rights and responsibilities. For an extended orientation, you can enroll in College 100, Becoming a Successful Student.

    Day in the Mountains is the on-campus orientation.  This event is held every spring and provides priority registration opportunities for the following fall term.  Students receive assessment, academic advising, and registration services during this event.

    Online Orientation will acquaint students with admissions processes, how to apply for financial aid, and provide tips to help make the transition to college life.
  3. Take an Assessment Test:

    Assessment tests must be taken prior to academic advising.  Assessment tests indicate basic skill levels in reading, writing and math.  We advise you to come rested and fully prepared to concentrate on these tests because the results assist you and your academic advisor in determining appropriate class placement.  The tests take about two hours to complete and require no preparation; results are available almost immediately.   Results do not affect eligibility for admission.  Special testing accommodations are available for students with disabilities and limited English skills by advance appointment.

    Contact the Assessment Center at (530) 283-0202, ext. 313 or 215 to arrange for an assessment test.
  4. Meet with an Academic Advisor:

    Before enrolling in classes you must meet with an academic advisor to identify educational and career goals and to develop a schedule of classes and a long-range, individualized Student Education Plan (SEP) to ensure that you stay on track to meet degree, certificate or transfer requirements.  Assessment scores and high school and/or college transcripts are used to help in this process.

    Contact the Counseling Center at (530) 283-0202, ext. 313 or 215 to make an appointment.
  5. Enroll in Classes Online:

    Enrolling in classes is an online process. You must have your 9 digit “Student Identification Number” to log in to your Student Portal (My FRC). Instructions to log on to your Student Portal, add or drop classes, and access your student records.