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Feather River College adopted a new logo and branding guidelines in 2017 replacing the former logo (2 pine trees above a river). The new logo features snow-capped mountains and a feather below the mountains also symbolizing a river. The design represents the outdoor environment surrounding Feather River College.The new logo creatively melds symbolic elements such as the suggestion of a Golden Eagle (the college's mascot) within the feather. For several months, a group of faculty, staff, administrators and students worked with local graphic designer, Brad Bodenham, an FRC alumnus, to develop the updated logo.  

Before using the Feather River College logo please read the Brand Guidelines.

















Mountains Only





Alternative Positions:
There are variations available to help ensure compatibility with different layouts.

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You can use just the mountains if the college name is somewhere else on the piece. E.g. Mountain on the back of a shirt, name on the front of the shirt.

FRC Mountain Only Color JPEG
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The logo variations can include a secondary tagline such as the name of a department.

The variations help ensure the logo's compatibility with different page layouts while maintaining consistency. 

To request a designation logo contact Carlie McCarthy at cmccarthy@frc.edu

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