FRC Distance Education

Canvas: The New FRC Online Course Environment

All FRC online courses use Canvas as of Spring 2017.  The use of Canvas at FRC and other California Community Colleges is part of the state-wide "Online Education Initiative." All California Community Colleges are moving to the Canvas platform over the next couple of years. Canvas is widely used in other educational systems across the country as well.  

All FRC courses have a Canvas course area associated with it.  Instructors for courses not scheduled to include an online component have the option to use Canvas.  Online courses at FRC are required to use Canvas to provide online material and instruction within Canvas.  This may include using Canvas as a portal to other resources such as course materials provided by textbook companies.  In many cases, textbook material provided by publishers will be integrated into Canvas course areas, including login options if students purchase access to materials with their textbooks.

Logging into Canvas:  Login to Canvas using the same FRC username and password you use for your FRC email and campus computers. You will automatically be taken to your Canvas dashboard where you should see all your courses. You must have an FRC email account and use those credentials to access Canvas. The link to Canvas is:

FRC Canvas Website:  

FRC Email and Network Accounts:  FRC email and network accounts are free for students who have registered for FRC courses and will remain active for students even if the student is no longer taking classes that semester.  Please use the "Request FRC Email Account" link on the bottom of the left menu to request an account.  This same form can also be used to reset an account.  You may also use links next to the Canvas login box to request help with email or Canvas.  Be sure to select the topic of your request when using these forms so the form will be sent to the proper staff..  The link to the help forms is: 

Email and Canvas Account Username and Password:  Faculty email and Canvas usernames are the first initial, last name, +  For instance, the instructor Jane Smith would have an email of and her username would be jsmith.  Instructor passwords are first initial+last 4 digits of social security number+last initial, small letters.

Student email addresses are first initial + middle initial + . Student usernames are the first part of the email address.  For instance, the student Fredrick Robert Jones would have an email address of and his username would be frjones.  Student passwords are the first initial+last 4 digits of the student ID+last initial, small letters. Some exceptions include students who would have identical email addresses as someone else in which case a number is usually added, and in some cases the Canvas username and password will be different if the student has multiple middle names or a hyphenated name.  Please use the links next to the Canvas box for help, talk to library staff, or go to  to submit a help request for email.  Be sure to select FRC email or network account as the issue in the form so the form will be directed to the appropriate staff.

Students: Click here to find out more about Canvas and how to use it!

Instructors: Click here to find out about Canvas training

What Happened to Moodle?

"Moodle" is the previous software we used to deliver online courses.  We began phasing out our use of Moodle beginning summer 2016.  As part of the agreement with our Chancellor's Office and Canvas, we must only use Canvas as our official Learning Management System beginning spring 2017.  Moodle will not be available for use after Fall 2016 although the college will retain access to Moodle course materials and records after that time.

Instructors:  According to state regulations, instructors are required to retain records of their courses for 3 years.  If you have taught courses using Moodle in the past you should retain course records for your Moodle courses.  This should include a record of online interactions, not just grades.  Please see "Teaching Online at FRC" on the left menu of this page for information about how to backup your Moodle courses..  .

FRC Moodle Website        Address:

To Use Our Course Search Tool to Find Online Courses

Click on the link on the top right of the FRC website called "Classes."  First select a semester, then make your other search selections including the selection "online" in the "Session" menu. You can also look for courses identified as online in our printed schedule.

WARNING:  There may be changes in the actual courses being offered after the print schedule is released, so use the online course search tool to verify current schedule information, or contact our Admissions office.

Degree and Transfer Credit for Online Courses

Almost all online courses satisfy the same transfer requirements as on-campus courses.  The exceptions are lab courses, courses with a lab component, or other performance courses such as public speaking that are taught entirely online (not currently offered fully online at FRC).  FRC offers hybrid lab courses in which the lab portion is taught on campus and the lecture portion is taught online.  These courses usually do transfer for full credit.  Check with an adviser to make sure lab or other performance courses will meet the requirements you need for transfer.

Although FRC does not currently offer fully online degrees, it may be possible to take the majority of your courses at FRC online and complete the degree by taking courses at another college and applying them to your FRC degree. Check with an adviser for details.