Taking Online Courses

Canvas is replacing Moodle as the software for online courses beginning Fall 2016 for most courses.  All FRC courses will be using Canvas by Spring 2017. 

Regardless of which software you use, please watch these excellent videos on how to be a successful online student.  Even if you've taken online courses before you may learn something from this information:

Videos on how to be a successful online student

Every semester our bookstore publishes a list of the books required or recommended for your courses.  Click below to find out the book titles, cost, and ISBN used to order the book.

FRC Bookstore with Textbook List for Courses

If you've taken online courses using Moodle, Blackboard, or similar software, you should find Canvas easy to learn and use. Click on "Learn More About Canvas" below and check out the video tutorials and guides.

How do I get started?

How do I get help with Canvas?

Help is just a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.  Click on the ? at the bottom of Canvas pages and use the number for "Canvas Support Hotline." A help desk form is also available.

Learn More About Canvas  |  FRC Canvas Website  

What if I don't have or don't know my FRC email account information? 

The default student email login information:  Your username will be the first part of your FRC email address which is first initial, middle initial, last name.  Your password will be first initial, last 4 digits of your Student ID, last initial.  All letters are small letters. 

If you need to request an FRC email account or have it reset, use the "Request FRC Email Account" form on the menu on this page on the bottom left, or if you are on campus paper forms are available at the library front desk. Contact mgliozzo@frc.edu for further questions regarding FRC email accounts.

I logged in but I don't see my courses. Why?

When you first login you will see your dashboard.  Go to the left and click "Courses," then "All Courses."  You should see all your courses that are available.  Click the star next to the title to make the course visible on your dashboard so you'll see it right after you login.

Your courses won't be available until your instructor makes them visible.  If your class isn't an online class,  your instructor may not use Canvas in which case you won't see a course area. Also, there is a delay between when you register for a course and when you will be added to the course in Canvas. Allow 1-2 working days for it to appear.  Check your schedule in MyFRC or a printout to verify you are properly registered for your courses.

For Our Moodle Users

You are not automatically added to the online course area when you register for classes.  You'll need to create an account in our Moodle site, then receive an "enrollment key" from your instructor to enter the course area.  You only need to use the enrollment key the first time you enter the course.  If you don't get an enrollment key from your instructor by the start of your course you should email your instructor. A link to their email can be found in MyFRC along with your course information.  You can also use the directory feature at the top of this website, and you can figure out your instructor's email address if you know their name by following instructions below

.FRC Moodle Website

Instructions about how to create a Moodle account and many other Frequently Asked Questions can be found on our Moodle site under the "Moodle Help" menu on the upper left.

New!  There are six excellent videos with text and audio options on the front page of our Moodle website to help you decide if you are ready to take an online course and advise you about how to be a successful online student. Your instructor may recommend or require you to view these videos.  But even if they don't, it is highly recommended that you watch all six videos even if you have previously taken online courses.

To Find Out Your Instructor's Name

Check your printed schedule, go to MyFRC and login to check your schedule online, or look up your course by going to www.frc.edu and using the "Course Search" feature at the top right of the page. 

Admissions and Records   Contact Admissions and Records for registration questions Phone: 530-283-0202 Ext. 222 or toll free 1-800-442-9799

How to Figure Out Your Instructor's e-Mail Address if You Know Their Name
First letter of their first name + their last name + @frc.edu
So the instructor Jane Smith would have the email address jsmith@frc.edu

Campus Switchboard  Toll free 1-800-442-9799 or Local 530-283-0202 Dial the appropriate extension when you hear the message, or press "O" to reach an operator.. TDD line is (530) 283-0709.

Out of State Students: How to Report Complaints

Below is a list of state agencies to contact if you have complaints about the quality of your online educational experience through Feather River College. If you have problems or questions about how to use online tools please use the help features in Moodle or Canvas. If you have questions about registration please contact the FRC Admissions Office.

State-by-State Contacts for Complaints
About the Quality of Online Education at Feather River College (pdf format)