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The major in English, resulting in an A.A. degree, provides students with a solid knowledge in the literature and culture of the Anglophone world.  Through the study of literature, students develop an understanding of important themes that have been present throughout the history of the English-speaking world and an understanding about how these themes have shaped thought and literary expression.  The major is based in writing, discussion, development of interpretive skills, and the application of critical thinking methods in a wide variety of situations.  The major in English provides a general academic foundation for further literary study and for other areas, including pre-law, teaching, research, journalism, and publishing and editing.  Students can complete the Associate of Arts in English for Transfer by completing 18 units in the major plus general education and be guaranteed transfer in the major to a California State University campus. Students who are planning to transfer in the major to a CSU campus, as well as those planning to transfer to a UC or other colleges, can choose to augment the major with additional elective courses in English or humanities, thus establishing a well-rounded curriculum in literature and humanistic thought.

The Student Learning Outcomes for the English major state that the student will be able to:

1.     Comprehend cultural and literary background of the English-speaking world.

2.     In English, use written and verbal expression to communicate information factually, argumentatively, and creatively.

  1. In English, read, comprehend, interpret, and respond to a wide variety of materials touching on literary knowledge, society, culture, the arts, history, gender, politics, and philosophy.

Associate of Arts for Transfer in English:

Required Core (6 units)                                                  Units                                                                                                                

ENGL 102       Introduction to Literature                                                                                     3

ENGL 103       Critical Thinking and Writing                                                                                3


List A. Take two of the following courses (6 units)

ENGL 252        American Literature I                                                                                          3

ENGL 254       American Literature II                                                                                          3

ENGL 256       Survey of English Literature I                                                                               3

ENGL 257       Survey of EnglishLiterature II                                                                               3



 Major Elective Requirements (6 units)                         Units                                        

List B. Take the following course, 
or any course not used from List A (3 units)

ENGL 170       Creative Writing                                                                                                 3


List C. Take one of the following courses,
or an unused  course from List A or B  (3 units)                              Units

ENGL 150          Introduction to newspaper Writing, Editing, and Production                                 3

ENGL 180          Nature Writing in America                                                                                3

ENGL 228          Novel and Film                                                                                                3

ENGL 245          Contemporary Literature                                                                                   3

ENGL 246          Women's Literature                                                                                           3                                                                                 

ENGL 277          Introduction to Shakespeare                                                                              3

ASL 130            Beginning American Sign Language I                                                                  3

ASL 132             Beginning American Sign Language II                                                                3

FRN 101            Beginning French I                                                                                             4

FRN 102            Beginning French II                                                                                            4

Span 101           Beginning Spanish I                                                                                           4

Span 102           Beginning Spanish II                                                                                          4

BUS 120            English for the Professional                                                                               3

HUMN110          Introduction to Humanities I                                                                               3

HUMN112          Introduction to Humanities II                                                                              3


Total major Rerquirements                                                                18-19


1)   Complete the Major Core Requirements and Major Electives, as outlined above with a minimum grade of “C” or better.

2)   Maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in all CSU transferable coursework. Students expecting to transfer to a four-year college or university are strongly advised to complete the CSU Breadth or the IGETC requirements rather than the FRC General Education requirements.

3)    Complete electives so that major units, plus GE units, plus elective units total sixty (60) units or higher.