Educational Talent Search(ETS) at FRC

Dear Student and Family,

Educational Talent Search (ETS) is a federally funded Department of Education program located at Feather River College.  Through a collaborative partnership with your local junior/senior high school, the ETS program enhances educational opportunities for students all the way through to 12th grade. ETS provides academic, career, and financial counseling to its participants and encourages them to graduate from high school and continue with their education at a school of their choice.

Initially the ETS program helps students to explore career pathways and receive curriculum enrichment through the use of iPads in the classroom. These opportunities for career exploration and curriculum enrichment can be built upon with additional ETS services such as those listed below:

      Study Skills/Goal Setting                     College Exploration, Preparation and Planning

      Academic Planning/Tutoring                 College Test Prep (including SAT and ACT)

      Academic Enrichment Activities           College Application and Admission Assistance

      College Campus Visits                        Financial Aid Application Assistance