Information and Communication Technologies

Degrees                                     Certificate of Achievement

A.S. Web Development               C.A. Web Development

A.S. Multimedia                          C.A. Multimedia

A.S. Office Technology               C.A. Office Technology

The Information Communication and Technologies (ICT) program prepares students for direct employment or transfer to a four-year school.  The program provides the skills needed for some of the fastest growing technology-related fields.  Degrees are offered in Web Development, Multimedia, and Office Technology.  Certificates are offered in Web Development, Multimedia, Office Technology, and Mobile Application Development.

Each ICT degree requires completing seven core courses, three electives, and the campus general education requirements.  Degree-seeking students interested in transfer should select electives from a single area of concentration and refer to the CSU-GE-Breadth or IGETC pattern requirements under the Graduation and Transfer section of this catalog.  All courses have been designed to maximize transferability.  However, it is strongly recommended that students consult with campus advisors to ensure transferability with the institution of their choice.

All ICT degree curriculums include an introduction to technology, technology in the context of society or organizations, and basic desktop, web, and multimedia applications.  The Web Development curriculum includes additional courses in the areas of web development, databases, and programming. The Multimedia curriculum includes additional courses in media production, animation, and gaming.  The Office Technology curriculum includes additional courses in business and accounting.

Each ICT certificate includes six core courses.  The certificate curriculums consist of a select set of courses that provide students with key job skills in a shorter period of time than would be required for a degree.  Generally, a certificate can be completed in two to three semesters.

Students should consult with both the ICT program and college advisors to prepare a Student Education Plan to ensure that courses will satisfy certificate, degree and/or transfer requirements.  It may be beneficial to contact the four-year institution where the student intends to transfer to accurately determine the ideal course of action to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

To earn an A.A. or A.S. Degree:

1) Complete Major Requirements as outlined below

2) Complete FRC General Education requirements

3) Complete additional elective courses when major units plus GE units total is less than sixty (60) units.