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Feather River College at a Glance

FRC is a small college, though not the smallest in the California CC system. In the 2000s, it typically enrolled about 3,000 students annually. As in so many community colleges, the proportion of part-time students is relatively high. Thus the full-time equivalent (FTE) value is much less than the headcount value, historically it is about half of the latter. Over the last decade it has kept slightly above 50%.

Most of FRC’s classes are credit courses, and except for a number of English and Math remedial courses, they can be transferred to four-year institutions. The last years have witnessed a slight increase of the general education courses as compared to the vocational education segment. This latter includes some emblematic FRC programs, such as the equine, outdoor recreation leadership, environmental studies, administration of justice, early childhood education, and nursing.

The performance of an institution may be measured in several ways, and California’s colleges adopted a double approach to account for academic progress. On the one hand, data is collected about enrollment and success for each term and academic year. On the other hand, students entering the college every fall are traced along six years and the performance metrics of these cohorts are calculated as part of the Scorecard evaluation system maintained by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. Scorecard data may be seen on their website and downloaded from their DataMart.

FRC’s course completion results, which measure the rate of enrollments that lead to a grade ‘C’ or better, generally situate a few points above the statewide results. Here is a chart that compares FRC’s credit course completion rates with the state-wide rates for the period of 1992-2016 (data for the last year, 2016-17, are not complete and final yet):


Please find more detailed data about the students, courses, and achievements of Feather River College in the Excel file linked in below. Beyond these quantitative measures, FRC provides a personal and supportive learning environment in a stunning natural landscape. The College has teachers and staff who know the students as individuals and take pride in their achievements.

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