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Academic Senate Meeting Calendar SP18

AF Contract 15-18

Basic Skills Instructional Assistant, Ext. 254  - Call this number if you need information about best practices for Basic Skills instruction, or to find out about how Basic Skills instruction is supported at FRC.

Classroom Equipment - Most classrooms include smart podiums that can project multimedia played from classroom equipment or downloaded over the Internet connection. There are labels on the controls of the equipment that indicate how to select sound and video sources.  If equipment needs repair, remote controls need batteries, or projector bulbs burn out, please notify Desktop Computing Support at Ext. 206.

Desktop Computing Support, Ext. 206 - Call this extension if you are having trouble with your college computer system, or if you need assistance installing approved software)

Director of Distance Education, Ext. 227 - Call this extension if you want to use our online support technology to supplement your face-to-face course, of you if are teaching a fully online course. You can also schedule training in how to electronically prepare materials for face-to-face classes or online classes.

Distance Ed Handbook

Dr. Derek Lerch, Dean of Instruction – Ext. 321

DSPS, Ext. 255 - Schedule a Student for Taking a Test if they need more time due to a disability. There are many other services and programs for disabled students as well.

Evaluation Timelines

Faculty Calendar F17

Faculty Handbook 17-18

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FINALS Schedule SP18

FRC Syllabus Standards

FT Faculty Contract 16-19

Human Resources – Ext. 280, 257 & 357

Incarcerated Student Program Resources

Instructional Filing Nomenclature Information

Library Desk – Ext. 236

Library Online Resources - Besides our own library resources, valuable research tools are available through FRC Library subscriptions to national and international online resources.

MyFRC - See your roster, submit grades, and more. Contact Information Services at Ext. 246 if you forget your Faculty ID or PIN.

Printing Services – Ext. 250  (Call this number to find out about various print services available to instructors, including how to make copies of syllabi, course print materials, etc.)

Refer Your Student To Become A Tutor (You can refer exceptional students to the Learning Center to be a paid tutor for your class. Depending on funds for student workers, the Learning Center will hire your students on a per hour basis to be a tutor. Some restrictions apply on the student’s eligibility. Call the Learning Center at Ext. 254 for more info.

SLOAC Timeline as of 10-18-12

Student Academic Intervention Referral - This form is to be used to notify the Advising/Counseling staff that a student is having difficulty.  Please consider submitting a form on students as early as the second or third week of the semester. This form can be submitted online.  If you need to report a student's disruptive behavior, use the Student Incident Report form, which can also be submitted online.  For concerns about a student's well-being, contact Dr. Kelsie Foster at ext. 234 or email her at kfoster@frc.edu.

http://www.frc.edu/distanceeducation/index.cfm - This is the link to the main web site that is used to support online instruction. You can use it just to upload your syllabus for a face-to-face class, or use it for a full blown online course. It’s often referred to as “Canvas” since that’s the program that is used to manage courses. If you want to use the site for your course, contact the  Assistant Dean of Instruction, Kim Beaton, at Ext. 361

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